Yummy Brownies!

Our miniature brownie tower is quite possibly our favorite dessert for holiday parties and events!  You can’t go wrong with these mini chocolate brownies smothered in our signature chocolate ganache, topped with mouth-watering candied pecans then dusted with confectioner’s sugar. Yum!

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Vegetarian, Vegan and Special Dietary Restrictions

Our signature vegetarian lasagna is just one of the many examples of entrees available for groups with special needs/requests. Many times wedding parties include people who prefer vegetarian or vegan options or have special health-related dietary restrictions such as diabetic, gluten free, or nut allergies that need to be considered during the menu planning process.  We’re happy to accommodate special …

Wedding Food and Drink Trends

The era of the shabby chic wedding is over and the age of elegance and luxury has been embraced. Out go jam jars, soft pastels, birdcages and bunting, in comes Gatsby and Downton Abby, Art Deco, and an abundance of silver and glassware dramatically punctuated by pops of rich, royal purple. Here are some further wedding food and drink related …